Our simple fundraising program is designed to help you raise the funds you need to help you or your organization reach financial goals. To register as a fundraiser captain, complete the form below, download the flyer and order form, and start selling ornaments. You can direct your customers to for more details and information. You collect the orders using the provided order form, then place the orders at one time through our web site. You sell the ornaments for $25.00 each. When you place an order for more than 12 ornaments, your cost is $20.00 each. When you place an order for more then 24 ornaments, your cost is $15.00 each. Shipping is always free. 

If you sell 100 ornaments at $25.00 each, you pay $15.00 each and profit $1000.00! 

Click the link below to download the printable flyer and order form. You can send your customers to our web site at to review their options. Register to let us know you are fundraising and we will place you on our schedule and get ready to prepare your order.

Click here to download the flyer and order form

It's so simple!
  • Download the flyer and order form.
  • Print as many flyers as you need for your team member and for advertising your organization and the ornaments.
  • Print as many order forms as you need.
  • Send your customers to for them to view the items and options.
  • Collect the orders and place one order for all the orders you have taken. You will receive the volume discount and FREE shipping.
What are the responsibilities of the Fundraiser Captain?

As the captain, you are responsible for organizing the details of your fundraiser. You set the time periods and guidelines for your team members to follow and distribute the flyers and order forms to those who will be taking orders. Consider how to distribute the forms and information (electronically, attachment to email, link from your web site, through students, through parents, or the best method for your organization). Once the orders are collected, the Fundraiser Captain will submit all the orders through our site, The shopping cart on the site will automatically discount your order according to the volume of orders you are submitting and the shipping is free. The ornaments will be delivered to the address you specify, and you are responsible for seeing that the orders are delivered to the supporters.

Register here to let us know you are starting a fundraiser. You can write us at any time with questions you may have. We look forward to working with you to help you and your organization raise the funds you need.